Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Created new blog just for Stirling engine projects

I have been using my personal blog for posting the status of my Stirling engine project, but it was getting awkward. First I checked to see if stirlingengine was free, but it is being used for another project. So I used the same name as the project web site on Google sites,

I am not sure how to move my existing posts and comments from my personal blog
use the preceding link to get to it so see my previous posts, until I start making more progress here.

Please visit the project web site if you want any of the design information, because that will be where I will be posting the project documents. So far all I really have is the SketchUp 3D model, which does not include the piston seal details. It was too curvy for me to figure out how to include it. All the other parts are there. There is a very rough sketch of the piston seal on my old blog, but I will post some pictures and more details soon.

Please leave any comments about the web site here, since Google project site doesn't seem to have that feature.

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